Green Door Pictures is a television production company that offers a range of services related to the production of great television programming. Based in Johannesburg South Africa, Green Door Pictures specializes in the production of natural history films but will produce any form of television content to suit your requirements.

The “Green Door” was opened in 1997 to provide a personal and committed service to their clients. With its LEVEL 4 BEE rating Green Door Pictures is an equal opportunity company, believing that the most suitable candidate gets the position.

Our philosophy is simple; rather have a happy client who'll come back and work with you again than a considerable number at the bottom of the invoice!  
Contact us today to see how Green Door Pictures will be able to facilitate your next production.

We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers. We are borrowing it from our children!

What's “green” about Green Door Pictures?

The name is a metaphor, as the company strives to open minds to issues facing the world through environmental films.

Solar powered cameras and sound equipment are just the beginning, Green Door Pictures utilises sustainable energy sources and subscribes to the idea of recycling for a better future! To this end, and in support thereof, Green Door Pictures donates 50% of the profits generated from its environmental related films to the ongoing research and in support of the environment.*

The owner and directors of Green Door Pictures offset their carbon emissions through the regular planting of trees and financial support of Food & Trees for Africa. They also provide financial support to

AfriOceans; SharkLife and the Vulture Programme at the Lion & Rhino Conservation NPO.

Any NGO or non-profit company that relies on donations and that are featured in an environmental film produced
by Green Door Pictures will receive 50% of the profits generated from said film.

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